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Meet the Finvest Education team

Our team is designed around our clients. While our team might be nimble, our passion for what we do and for our clients is huge. Our goal is to deliver exceptional service and to make sure each of our clients are informed and supported at all times.

Lisa Harris

Finvest Founder

Lisa is the powerhouse behind Finvest’s growth. She has built the business from the ground up and knows every Finvest client. She takes an active interest in making sure that every Finvest Education client gets the level of service and detailed attention they deserve.


Finvest General Manager

Justin oversees everything at Finvest. With a background in the construction industry Justin has transformed the shape of Finvest since his arrival 5 years ago.

He is a passionate, active property investor and also serves as the Principal of Finvest Finance.

Shannah Kennedy

Life coach

With over 15 years experience to her name, Shannah Kennedy is one of Australia’s foremost strategic life coaches. Her proven expertise enables clients to gain control of their lives in order to achieve their visions and goals.


Head Coach

Jai is a veteran of property investment and a 5 year client of Finvest. He has built The Salsa Foundation, now home to over 1,000 students a week. Jai has collaborated with Lisa over many years on the Health is Wealth series. , His hands-on experience building a property portfolio from nothing into 5 in 5 years gives him unique insight into the transformation that new investors go through.

Join our investor community

Heard enough? Follow in the footsteps of our client community and start your property investment journey today. Starting is easy – book a no-obligation personal session with us  (by phone or Zoom). We’ll explain how our education sessions work, what you’ll learn and how  we  can help you get started.