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Meet Jai - Self employed dance instructor

0-4 properties in 18 months. Jai’s monthly rental income is now over $10,000 – or $120,000 yearly! Jai had been a self-employ dance instructor for eight years and a property investor for just over twelve months.

Jai’s core motivation was family, so Finvest helped to ensure that education, time and choices were made a priority.

Meet Justin

Justin started as a new investor at 29. After purchasing an apartment with a first home owners grant, then refinancing and buying another apartment, Justin accessed a third property using a grant which allowed for greater cash-flow. This began a series of successes in property and finance.

Justin’s income was $76,701, tax payable of $17,387. After our Finvest makeover it was reduced to only $10.74c.

Meet Zi

Zi now lives in NYC! Her investment through Finvest is positively geared and has positive cashflow and it did since day 1.

We even had a master builder draw custom for her build on an irregular corner lot, which many builders simply don’t do. This means an ‘offcut’ of additional land which our lovely Zi captured in her beautiful property in Point Cook, VIC.
Blue skies indeed!

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