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Wondering how it all works? Check out the FAQs below and our property Investor glossary.

how does finvest work?

Finvest provides investor education services , and access to a range of investment options that match the investment goals of each individual client. We provide investors with structured practical training and then assist clients who are ready to invest by providing access to exclusive deals and properties.

is there a charge for finvest services?

No. We provide our services at no charge to our clients. 

So how does finvest make money?

Firstly, we provide no-fee training to give you the skills you need and an understanding of your options. When you are ready to invest, we help you find the property and terms that match your goals.

Then we charge the developer a standard fee – regardless of the property. It can save you $1000’s that could add to your deposit.

what can i learn?

Finvest has investor educational programs for investors at each stage of their journey – ranging from those just starting out to seasoned investors. Find out more about our programs

How long do the training programs take?

We know that gaining property investment skills needs to fit in around family and work commitments. While we aim to provide flexibility, we work towards four sessions over four weeks.


Is finvest training only for new investors?

No. While many of our clients are new investors, we work with investors at all levels. We tailor our content and expertise to support you at each stage. We have clients who take advantage of our services for their first property, and others who come back for help sourcing their fifth and sixth investment.

What other services does Finvest offer?

As part of our service program,  we also help clients acquire finance, and help identify and source strategically-relevant properties.

Ready to get started?

Book a FREE investor session

Arrange an informal 20 minute session to talk about your goals and explore your options. We’ll outline our no-fee client education program and explain how it can help you achieve your goals. Our sessions can take place online via ZOOM or by phone

free property investment events

Attend a FREE investor event

Come behind the scenes of the property market. Our investment events are a great way to start learning about the Victorian investment property market in a relaxed, no-pressure environment. Chat with current investors who have already started their investment journey and our panel of experts. 

Download our FREE guide

Our free guide is designed to help you get started. Full of helpful tips and definitions, our free downloadable guide will help you understand the market and be ready to start.