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Health is Wealth - Online Edition 2020

We know that it is our exceptional artists and contributors that make Health is Wealth the amazing event that it is. 

While Covid-19 means that we can’t get together in person for Health is Wealth right now, we wanted to  home-deliver some of the exceptional content and amazing skills provided by our Health is Wealth guests.

Many of our artists and friends in the dance community have been hugely affected by Covid-19 – and many now rely on their amazing online offers for income. Please visit their sites via the links below and lend them a hand if you can.

Health is Wealth Online

Kuna & Brenda

This beautiful video was recorded at last year’s Health is Wealth. Kuna and Brenda have just released a free session. View it on Youtube and give them a hand. 

The Salsa Foundation

Jai and The Salsa Foundation are old friends and supporters of Health is Wealth.  While the studio is temporarily closed, there is some great content on the TSF website. Don’t forget to sign up for their email newsletter while you’re there.

Artia Zandian

Artia is also an old friend. He was due to appear and conduct a workshop at this year’s (covid-19 postponed) Health is Wealth retreat. Here’s a taste of what was planned. You can find out more at artiazandian.com

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